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Universal USB Installer

Linux users often want to carve out a new installation, transfer them to other machines as well as back-up. This is a kind of welfare of many things that makes Linux attractive as an alternative to the operating system to Windows. You can even install itLinux on a USB flash drive that is a free Universal USB Installer comes the process to make it as easy as 1 2 third

Linux sproshchanyvstanovka

The basic idea of ​​Universal USB Installer is exactly what you want is a versatile nitoito rationalized Linux installer for USB. Now, while it is easy to performevidence. You need very good knowledge of Linux. Fortunately, there are connections There is an interface to help you. Install a simple case of choosing to distribute a live Linux ISO file and drive USB.Dam you boot USB. You have several additional features, such as ability firstformat the disc, or create a permanent file size where needed. The process is very fast for modern USB drivengunit there are many? subordinate and Bootsy? compatibility device.

Linux Lite options

Universal USB Installer is very convenient if you hochatserezervova copy or move an experiment with Linuxaccumulation. Installation is very easy and the software is free. Do you really have everything you need to work on the packaging that your device is compatible.


Update to support Linux Mint 12 and Pardus Linux

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