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The Post 2018

PostKatharine Graham Washington Post is the first female publisher of the most important newspaper in the country. He was attached to editor Ben Bradley to find out the truth behind the rebellion that consisted of four presidents, and he placed them in the middle of the war between the government and the journalists.

Language: English

Minimum title: No.

Anders, AND

General release date: 8 March 2018

Type: Profile / Drama / History

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Distributor: photos of international union

Star:Tom Hanks, Meryl Streep, Alison Brie, Carrie Coon

director: Steven Spielberg

Format: P2

a cover-up, which had four presidential first day newspaper publisher of the country and a sharp editor to join media and government in many media. As the US military analyst, Ellsberg, acknowledges the seriousness of his American caution in the war against the cruelty of Vietnam, he is committed to copying the mysteries of the PentagonamDementy. Later, the owner ofthe Washington Post, Kay Graham, is still busy arranging and taking matters from her late husband, as editor Ben Bradley recognizes the New York Times uniform and the bombing to carry out these tasks. It is clear that the competition The authors find themselves with a complete copy of these documents Ellsberg. However, after the plans to publish his findings are threatened by federal federal barriers that despise all suspects. Now Kay Graham has to decide ifthe value of a padtrymatsvnizka security of his prints or publishing and fighting for media freedom. At the same time, Graham and staff to participate in the fight, which will have the democratic values ​​of the US paper balance.

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