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Experienced rules are simple: the Americans abandoned among some of the most unforgivable in the world. Divided into teams, they are involved in the task host Jeff Probst, and every three days, no tribe has to travel in the tribal council to vote foradnago.Na halfway through the game task in individual shear events when tribes merge and become uniform. Now the game – every uchasnikDlya that players should be careful about who sends packets – because after the entry of the jury beginsforming a preliminary galasavannyaudelnikav, and every week they come to watch the ceremony Tribal Council. In the end, they voted for one of the finalists to win a million dollars and become the sole survivor! Survivor is a game adaptation, and the last twokozhenchas or three – is the most flexible players in their asyaroddii people they play. Saved people focus, social commentary around them and how players can outsmart, and out

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