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PCSX2 is a Playstation 2 emulator for PC.

The PCSX2 project takes just over four years and its popularity has been steadily increasing since its launch. At the beginning I could not run any public domain demo, the current state of the game PCSX2 dazvalyaeshmat should be downloaded ifaktycznie play during the game, as the famous Final Fantasy X or Devil May Cry third

PS2 emulation is a complex task, much worse than console emulation from the previous generation, what PlayStation1, N64 or Saturn, simply becauseon the power of the processor, it is necessary to achieve the speed of “Play” than the PS2 game in emulation mode. The PCSX2 does its job very well, but it still does not throw away PlayStation 2. It fights for high speed action and is prone to freezing or crashing on the most annoying moments.

PCSX2On available in two versions, TLB and VM (virtual memory). version TLB-x, while the VM version is the first attempt to start the virtual machine version, according to the instructions given(account name tippotrebitelskoto and / on and restart). If PCSX2 still do not allocate pamyatsprosta use the TLB version. Do not worry – the difference in speed is not so great. Then the PCSX2 configuration procedure for a long time, though, if the Playstation 2 is damaged, it will be more than the right replacement.

AdekvatnayaPS2 PCSX2 emulator.
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