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Papers, Please

Documents, please, this is an unusual game in which you play the Immigration Inspector. Your task is to make sure that everyone crossing the border has its own documents and follows the ever-changing set of immigration laws.

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documents, you, citizenthe Soviet Republic in which you play is said to be working as an immigration inspector. You do not have to earn much and financially punish for mistakes. From every manly imigratsyyukantrol, you have to make sure everything is right. It’s getting harder as the game progressesthat you can easily ignore something that punishes you.

You have to be sure that you can nurture your family and be healthy, and that the mistake can have bad consequences for them. It’s hard to deal with your basic salary, so mistakes can make youChoose which family member you want to stay alive. Pretty depressing things.


documentsLovely, have a well-designed interface and good controls are easy to dial up while the game develops. Graphically he received a grainy 8-bit look, which corresponds to the gray Sovieta sense of the 80s of the game. But the documents, you can, this is not a game in which the sound schedule is the main attraction. This is a game you think, and forces you to look at what kind of person you would be when you have to choose between immigrants and earn the care of svaosyami.

You are badman?

documenting then no fun game in the traditional sense of the word. But this is convincing, well-studied and written. As proof that video games are not stupid and could be “art”, that’s great.

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