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Network Inventory Advisor

Network Inventory Advisor is a handy tool for checking all software and hardware on your local network.

After installation Network Inventory Advisor scans the network and displays the complete list in the main window of the program. This list contains all the computers in your network, including the installed software applications and hardware configurations for each computer, presented on the web. As a special feature, Network Inventory Advisor also alerts you if there is something abnormalwith the computer, such as the disabled antivirus.

Although it sounds too much, Network Inventory Advisor is easy to use. A good interface design helps, and if you get hurt, you can also see the installation guide.

In addition to network analysis, you can use Network Inventory Advisor to create detailed information about your network, with focus on elements such as software configuration, use disc or user account, and so on. This report can be exported to various formats, includingHTML, CSV, XML and SQL.

With Network Inventory Viewing you can get detailed information about installing your local network software and hardware.

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