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Another day, another Firefox Beta. Although Mozilla has launched a new Mozilla-market for web application in your browser, it is not yet released. The 19th version of Firefox Beta users can expect performance improvements, as well as some underground changes for developers.

Firefox Beta adds a built-inPDF viewer, so you should not rely on the application. Another important update is that Firefox offers a search URL beginVerkeerde changed in the program by a third party the bar again.

menshPalyapshennya include faster opstartprestasie so the browser should open faster. developersalso have new opportunities to the debugger, which supports the pause in the exceptions, external webkonsole may be related to Firefox on Android and Firefox OS and browser add-in debugger.

FirefoxBeta Sun added a very important function, but constant development continues browser.

For the stable versionFirefox, click HERE.


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