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Microsoft Security Essentials

Operating system, web browser, media Microsoft covers everything other than a security application. Right now, with the release of Microsoft Essential Essentials.

After a few months in beta, Microsoft launched a final version of its security application, although I have to say that Microsoft Essential Essentials has not changed in the last version so much. It still includes a clear, clear interface with four key areaswhere users of the upgrade system look at security status definitions, viruses and spyware, to check the history of items that were previously found, and keep the program settings, according to respectively.

Microsoft Security funds contain three types of scanning – fast, intact or customizable. They can be arranged for running at a specific time or location, and can be changed to work when the computeris not used in fact. Conveniently, Microsoft Security Features automatically updates its database and fully integrated with WindowsExplorersa Windows Firewall. It also has a recovery point system if you need to undo clearing over enthusiasm.

Microsoft Security Attributes is Microsoft’s first attempt to create an independent home security application. Because of its simplicity and goodness for beginners,this is probably not the best option for advanced users or network administrator professionals, but for this common user it is dealing with all the centers. However, note that Microsoft Security funds are not allowed – it only prevents the event of an infection.

Microsoft Security Attributes is a soft introduction to the occasional complex world of computer security at home.

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