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Microsoft Photo Story

Microsoft Photo Story is an image presentation program for Windows XP. If you’re looking for similar programs for Windows Vista or 7, check out Windows Movie Maker or Windows Live Movie Maker.

With Microsoft Photo Story, you can drag photos to windows, arrange them when needed, and then tell stories, transmissions, zooms, packages, sounds and / or audio are automatically generated, and the output is then exported to WMV files.

Such functionality canbe difficult in some applications, but not in Microsoft’s Photo Story. It is true that you do not have to modify the entire set of settings, because the program automatically creates changes and parallels / trays without you having to set yourself. In addition, those who set the standard look good.

While you can just sit back and MicrosoftPhoto Story can do anything for you, there’s also a lot of fun to do when you feel like it. For example, you can create your own customsoundtracks for your program. You can choose from a variety of music, emotions, tools and effects that allow you to adjust the volume to your viewing environment.

The output of Microsoft Photo Story is Microsoft’s Microsoft WMV format, which is compressed on MPEG or other types of files. You can choose from many edits to optimize your display. Unfortunately, movies exporting software are not as solid as in the formatVCD or DVD.

This is a shame. Microsoft Photo Story does not support burning DVDs and VCDs with created slides and you need to create your own DVD authoring application. There are programs like ProShow, with recording options and support for higher resolution, but there is no image that has the right picture to use and features automatically.

So, if you need a quick way to create amazing images, it’s worth downloading the Microsoft Photo Story app.


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