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Hello Neighbor

A regular country house becomes a scene of tension and secrecy in a friendly neighbor, a terrible game with unusual art-style cartoons. In this game you play a hidden invader in your neighbor’s house. However, your neighbor is alert and will not allow you to escape without deception. You needstealth, cunning, deception and some luck to avoid your anger.

Terror in the suburbs

Bright and colorful atmosphere of the two quarters of cartoons Hello Neighborfai is absurdenvironment for the horrors of the game of theft. Continuing the game, you will begin to see that everything that is at home is not good if you arecross the street Deeper in secrecy means that it combines your intelligence with an adaptive ID that is being studied from your options and develops new strategies to take it. Fortunately, various interactive elements and interactive elements can help you to get yourself confused and secure.your enemy Look at your neighbor’s house and find directions and search tools. He decides the secrets of what you are doing.

Surprisingly scary

If you want to combine the charm, the riddles and the Norman Rockwell’s stealth in their games, you want to see Hello Neighbor.
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