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God Of War 3

God War 3 is the third installment in a franchise that shakes the world of games. Kratos returns, winning the title of the god of war, as well as heads of other deadly adventure through Greek mythology in his dark. This time, his opponent is not different from the king of the gods.

players and it will challenge every player

The War of God series won a reputation for its cruel game and an interesting story, and God War 3 monitors getymtradytsyi. You have to fight with the gods and the Titanians, Kratos as we doHelping to get you born, and helping you to push you into powerful knives. Prepare for some enemy territory poses and epic battles are dangerous.

Some very deep play

During God War 3 Kratos presses on many different types of weapons, each with its advantages and savings; On specific tool rappers, to be pragresavats.Akramya, the player can cause the soul of the dead to help them in the fight, and can even catch the weaknesses of the enemy, to use them as a weapon when fighting. Experienced the player will haveThere are many different skills and tricks available- the question is that will you master how to use it, and finally, Kratos is a guide to victory?

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