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Mind map is one of the most effective ways to think about problems and connect with new people.

FreeMind is a Java cross-platform solution that is designed to make this process possible through a connection.’kids’ and ‘brothers’ or ‘sister’ are hoping to make your map a meaningful one. To start with FreeMind, you need to find and double-click the files in the ‘lib /’ folder from the FreeMind file.

Youyou starts with ‘ChildNode’, which is your main topic.
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You can write this topic in a large number of styles and styles, and then click on the right to add a child’s goal, which is relevant. Then you have a large number of tools andAnodes on the left to add color and record your mental map. This toolbar is completely destroyed and is not special, making it hard to see clearly.

Add and drop basic items toFreeMind is very easy but its interfaces lacking organization and clarity. The toolbar above is the most popular with many notable notations (such as penguins) and generally, the project feels a little light.

However,FreeMind is fast and free to use – can not speak for multiple map similar maps.


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