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Fate Stay Night Subtitled 2017

The boy wants to protect the girl. That’s his mind. 10 years after the battle of the Holy Grail Wara launched by Masters and Servants in the gift giving, the Holy Grailanother war broke out in Fuyuki Town. Shirou Emiyathe took the son of Kiritsugu Emiya, a participant of the previous Holy Grail Warresolves to fight, the dying hope of Kiritsugus. There is a girl next to Shirous who loves herSakura Matou. Every morning, he goesat Shirous’s house for breakfast and dinner for her, takes the life of a boy who iscompletely alone in the world. But when the Holy Grail War started, there was a change of air in Fuyuki City. Murder is plentiful throughout the city, and the environment is unpleasant. Shirou decides to protect Sakura in her home. Together with Saber, the Servant he called, Shirou was allied to Rin Tohsaka’s magic and engaged in Divinethat Grail battle starts to be fucked as a secret deception through unseen power that enters into play.

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