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Facebook Pro

Facebook Pro is an application whose only functionality allows you to use your favorite social networks without browsers. It does not require installation, but no options.

Every Facebook in the application

After launching Facebook Pro, the application will instantly upload your Facebook page.
The user experience is what you expect: you can log in and read the wall, send private messages, updateyour status and change your account settings, in addition to other Facebook features.

Unfortunately, or The program excludes special additional options for new features that improves social network usability.

Icon on the taskbar

As an application, the Facebook Pro icon is prepared for the taskbar. This means you can easily access Facebookeven if the classic search engines are not open.

It is not really necessary

IfYou are always interested in Facebook and easily accessible from the taskbar, then Facebook is Pro program for you.

Unfortunately, There are no great claims about popularity: the software is a window that runs a social network, and nothing else. Additionally, it uses a lot of resources, during the trial it took 130MB of RAM, both for such limited devices.


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