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Bus Driver

In case of arrival to control the bus once detected, then the Driver.

Bus driver – phor surprisingly fun where your task – bring passengers around the urban environment. This is your missiout schedule, with due observance of the orders, and that travelers should not be shaken in mind, or even in traffic, making sure it is deteriorated. Mozilla Firefox Installer torrent download The bus driver should have this fact. However, the game is so, thoughwith five levels and bonus zasoblyudayaet keep your schedule and traffic rules. d.

is the fifth time more environmentally friendly and is a great idea of ​​different kinds of bad to go up in different parts of 30 days. There are other types of customers, including bus drivers on the school bus, bus tours, and tour buses for inmates. And all in media drives, and this is a better artificial intelligence that humanity needswho “learns” izvashi driving habits.

Vectorschedule a piece of block, and a base, and sometimes the game can be quite boring, but for everyone who is on the bus to the fans oDriver just run sims in general – it’s great fun.


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