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Baidu Antivirus

Baidu Antivirus is a comprehensive software security company in Beijing. This free beta is perfectly English and offers excellent security to your computer. You can even send comments to Baidu and help change the final release functionality. Even in its beta form, Baidu Antivirus has all the basic principles for stopping and getting infected.


Baidu Antiviruster includes a full scan that will track all your computers, quick scans for advanced issues, and special scanning.identify specific problems. You can also choose real-time protection and additional features such as file system protection, interactive defense, web access protection and defense. Unfortunately, most of these hard work have short rallovers that briefly describe what they are doing.

BaiduAntivirus also includes a comment window where you can report recommendations or recommendations to Baidu. You can easily connect a picture or file to define your problem. There is an opportunity to enter the informationyour communications, such as email, line, MSN or even Facebook.


Baidu Antivirus has a great icon that makes it very easy to understand his work. When you use this app for the first time you open, you will see buttons that can choose full scans, fast or custom. Arrow arrows on the right will show you the exact date of security. Here you can change the big switch to enable or disable the option.

You can then customize Baidu Antivirus on the list of settingscomprehensive. Here you can arrange live settings and settings, select what’s happening in the split program and how each sample will be done. There are also bridges to access the Baidus sites quickly and community sessions.


Baidu Antivirus looks clean with simple design of white and blue colors. All features are arranged for intuitively and no bugs or delays occur. Full scanning may take a long time, but the scanning process does not have a visible effect on performancecomputer. One thing to remember is that Baidu Antivirus beta does not sound or pop-ups to let you know when work is complete.


Baidu Antivirus is an excellent tool to protect your computer. Beta works well with the absence of attractive hitches. If you have a problem encountered, Baidu is glad to hear comments about how Baidu Antivirus can be improved.

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